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Grooming Tips for Your Pet Care Franchise: Before, After, and How Often?

A common question we hear at Woofie’s is, “How often should my dog be professionally groomed?” We’ve learned over the years that there is not a one-time-fits-all answer to that question!

As a Woofie’s pet care franchise owner, it’s helpful to know that a paw-ful of factors will dictate professional grooming frequency and recommendations that you make to your customers.

To help you get started, here are a few tips:

  • Pets with curly or long haired coats typically need to be groomed within the 4-8 week range
  • Many double coated dogs could use a groom around every 6 weeks to help control shedding
  • Breeds that grow long facial, paw and/or sanitary area hair may need to be groomed more frequently for both hygiene and safety reasons
  • Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors will generate that dog smell more often than a lap dog- especially in warmer months. That’s why we say, “When you smell ’em, bathe ‘em!”
  • Dogs that tangle easily also need frequent grooming; your professional groomers can bathe them without making the tangles worse

Best of all, to help provide Woofie’s best-in-class grooming services, you’ll be able to ensure your professional groomers use pre-approved shampoos and products that can suit each pup’s specific needs – hypoallergenic, oatmeal, medicated, etc.

Regularly groomed dogs are happy hounds – they aren’t as itchy, their skin and coats are healthier, and shorter nails make for more comfortable walks! Also, it makes grooming less traumatic for a pet when it’s on a schedule – mats hurt!

That’s why we’ll show you how you can encourage your customers to keep their pets on a regular schedule – so they won’t need a painful (and often expensive!) dematting or a seriously short shave if the mats cannot be brushed or combed out. Your customers and their pets will be happier, and you’ll be better able to consistently drive revenue to your bottom line!

This article from the American Kennel Club provides more excellent reasons why regular professional grooming is good for pets – and pet care franchise business owners, too!

Talk to the Woofie’s team about how we can help you build clientele and business as you meet your customers’ and their pets’ needs. In the end, everyone ends up looking and feeling grrrr-eat! 

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