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What Sets Us Apart: The Woofie’s Difference

Our Pet Services Franchise Stands Out from the Pack

Pets are family to us – it’s one of the key things that sets Woofie’s® pet services franchise apart in the industry. Every pet is unique and has its own needs and personality, so that’s why we have a bone to pick with cookie-cutter, formulaic care programs. 

Woofie’s is proud to be so much more than just a dog walking business: we lead the pack in superior pet care with our mobile grooming franchise. Woofie’s has become a beloved and trusted pillar of our communities; when you bring us to your community, you’ll see why we are continually earning awards and accolades in the industry. In fact, we were named one of the nation’s top 100 Small Businesses by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 

Dogged Determination

It’s true: when you open a pet services franchise with us, you provide so much more than just walks and washes. Our clients rely on us for professional relationships built with trust and peace of mind. Woofie’s began in 2004, and since then, we’ve expanded to several locations, honed in on our time-tested business system, and created multiple revenue streams for our franchisees.

  • Our locations: We’re available across the U.S., with a focus on the East Coast. Woofie’s is currently awarding franchises in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Ohio. Expensive retail space is unnecessary, giving you a leg up on quicker onboarding and lower upfront investment.
  • Time-tested business system: The Woofie’s time-tested system enables you to have the work-life balance you want while working with pets, fostering lasting relationships with clients, and giving back to the community, thanks to our decades of knowledge.
  • Multiple revenue streams: Woofie’s is the only pet services franchise to offer multiple, recurring revenue streams. We offer daily dog walks, pet sitting visits, ongoing grooming appointments, and our loyalty program, the Woof Pack®. When you cross-sell services, you can promote multi-service client engagement and bolster your business’ bottom line.

Purrrfect Support

Our mobile grooming franchise training and support is the cat’s meow! We know that starting a new venture can be challenging, but Woofie’s franchisees benefit from our expertise, whether in animal science or business operations. 

We embrace the latest technologies to enhance the experience of both our franchisees and clients, but technology doesn’t replace humanity. 

Our unique pet services franchise perks include:

  • User-friendly technology. This allows for streamlined, real-time, direct communication with GPS capabilities. Franchisees can use this to keep track of their clients and team members.
  • Woof Pack loyalty programs. Our attractive program incentivizes clients to schedule services on an ongoing basis, creating predictable revenue.
  • Two-week training program. The training we provide ensures that franchisees understand and implement our business model to our standards of excellence.
  • Best practices. Our experience in the industry has helped us create a strong business model. Included for franchise owners is certification in pet CPR and first aid.
  • Marketing assistance. We collaborate with our franchise owners to create effective local marketing campaigns and PR strategies.

 An Ideal Pack Member

We’ve found some helpful traits that an ideal mobile grooming franchisee should possess, and they include foremost being an enthusiastic and self-motivated animal lover. Our pack members have drive and business acumen and aren’t absent owners. They’re involved in the day-to-day operations and have experience in management and customer service. 

Woofie’s franchise owners can develop and maintain strong team and client relationships. They’re also comfortable with financial statements and basic accounting principles. Franchisees can adapt quickly and think both strategically and off the leash. Our franchisees share our philanthropic efforts and commitment to give back to the community.

When you have a passion for pets and professional experience, consider a fulfilling pet services franchise with Woofie’s. 


We’re here to answer all your questions about a Woofie’s franchise opportunity and how to start a pet services franchise, so get in touch today!

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