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Benefits of Owning a Mobile Pet Franchise

Over the last few years, the mobile franchise business has exploded in popularity, and you may be wondering why someone would invest in a mobile franchise over a retail location. For one, the convenience. Franchise owners get to deliver their products or services directly to their customers. This often leads to higher markups and repeat customers.

Therefore, Woofies combines both conveniences of mobile grooming and a scalable business.

When investing in a business, you’ll want to think of how to develop and scale your business in the future. Mobile units tend to be easier to scale than a brick-and-mortar location. When owning a mobile grooming business, as your business grows you can easily expand by adding another branded van to cater to the demand.

Woofie’s is a great franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a mobile business. After 18 years, in the pet industry. Woofie’s has found great success with its mobile business model. Here are some advantages of investing in a mobile pet business:


A mobile grooming van acts as your billboard, and it’s moving! You can bring your van to events such as farmer markets, dog parks, neighborhoods and so much more! Compared to a retail location that might not even be visible to people on the street.

Less Stress on your pets

With Woofie’s mobile grooming van, you can go directly to your customers and work around their schedules. Many pets get stressed by new environments and being placed in kennels. This is unavoidable with retail locations. But, with mobile grooming, the service is delivered directly to the pet which leads to happier customers and less stressed pets.

High retention rates

Clients who use mobile grooming have the benefits of being able to have a flexible schedule and not waiting around for their pets’ service to be finished. They also save money by not having to travel which gives you a higher rate of them using more of your services and coming back time and time again!


As a franchise owner, you have the freedom to customize your van with your beloved pet! We can help you hold a photo shoot to make sure your pet is looking its best! This helps you as an owner to have a deep connection to your business!

To learn more about franchising opportunities that Woofies provide, click here

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