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Opportunities Abound With Woofie’s Pet Franchise

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity in a thriving industry, a pet franchise is a great option. The pet industry is booming, and the chance to build a client base of pet owners who love your services has never been better. 

Woofie’s offers pet parents superior walking, pet sitting, and mobile grooming services. We’ve built a reputation of excellence, and our franchisees have opportunities that aren’t available in other industries. Keep reading to learn more about the Woofie’s opportunity and why now is the best time to invest.

The Time to Own a Woofie’s Pet Business Franchise Is Now

Over the past few years, the pet industry has experienced a significant increase in customer spending and profits. The pandemic has shifted how much time pet owners have to be at home with their pets and, in turn, increased the amount of money spent on pet care. Pet owners are spending more on accessories, treats, and services like walking and grooming than ever. 

The pet care industry is expected to grow by 5.8%, well above the average 3-4% average growth of years past. Pet owners clearly no longer view extra spending on their pets as an optional luxury. It’s become an essential part of their monthly budget, and that trend doesn’t seem to be dying down even as quarantining and working from home have curbed in recent months. 

The increased spending on pets and pet care is an important factor to consider when you’re deciding whether to invest in a pet business. While other industries are more prone to struggle during times like these, our industry thrives. The opportunity to own a successful Woofie’s franchise has never been stronger than it is now.

Woofie’s Offers Opportunities Other Franchise Options Can’t

When you invest in a Woofie’s franchise, you have the opportunity to earn multistream revenue. Other franchise options just can’t offer this benefit, and it makes a big difference. Woofie’s is the only franchise that offers their customers pet sitting, dog walking and mobile grooming. That’s three different pet care options that bring in a variety of customers. Not only can franchise owners cross-sell services to customers, the mobile unit allows franchise owners to charge more for convenience.

Our services are also built to ensure you not only have multiple services to offer but a recurring revenue stream to leverage as well. Pet owners love how we care for their pets. With our franchise owners using our experience and expertise in pet care to provide the best for their customers’ pets, they can count on repeat business. 

Our Customer Service and Loyalty Is Unparalleled

Customers love it when their pets are treated with purrrfect care. That’s what we offer every pet owner when they contact us. We use the best practices in our industry to ensure we have happy pets and pet owners every time we provide services. 

Not only do we offer excellent customer service and pet care, but we also have a loyalty program that builds customer relationships that last. As a Woofie’s pack member, you’ll benefit from these loyal customers when you open a Woofie’s franchise in your community.

Are you ready to join the Woofie’s pack and experience the benefits of our franchising opportunity? Please contact us today to get started!

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