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Top Reasons on Why Women are taking over Franchising

Franchising has historically been a male-dominated space. Over the last few years, more women have broken out into the workforce in record-breaking numbers. According to the 2021 U.S, Small business Association Women-led businesses employed 10.1 million workers and accumulated $1.8 trillion.

Women in the Pet Industry are booming. 80% of pet groomers are women, 68% of animal trainers, and 80% of veterinarians are women as well. Woofie’s supports women in their franchise opportunities by giving a $5,000 initial franchise fee.

Opportunities for Women in Franchising

As more people want to become in business for themselves, entrepreneurs have been flocking to franchise ownership. The number of women entrepreneurs that are going into franchising has increased 45 percent within the past five years, Entrepreneur reports.
A lot of characteristics of a franchise owner commonly appeal to women such as:
Collaboration: At Woofie’s you are provided a proven business model and help you go into the pet care community. We also provide a 2-Week Training Program that ensures that our franchisees understand and implement our business model along with our standards of excellence.

Flexibility: Investing in a franchise can provide women access to proven systems, marketing, and financial freedom. Franchising allows a set system that provides procedures are operations that will better allow them to spend time with families and friends while running a business. Woofie’s provides both professional expertise and a passion for pets.

Women are dominating the pet industry at an alarming rate. Join Woofie’s to grow with the industry

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