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Profitable Pet Businesses – Discover Your Next Venture!

If you love dogs and cats, you may have considered a career that involves working with animals. But is it a profitable industry and worth a career change? We’re here to help you identify some of the most profitable opportunities in pet care.

One thing is for sure: The pet care industry is growing, and the demand for quality services isn’t slowing down. The North American pet care market was valued at $79.54 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a rate of 5.92% annually through 2029. There has never been a better time to join the industry!

What Is the Most Profitable Pet Business?

Although profitability can vary based on many factors, the most profitable pet business is typically dog grooming. Grooming is always in demand, and it can include many services such as nail trimming, ear cleaning, bathing, teeth brushing, and fur trimming. The profitability of a dog grooming business is often strong because consumers are willing to pay for a quality groomer who is trained to ensure their pet’s safety and comfort. Profitability can be increased even further with a little creativity! For example, mobile pet grooming businesses travel to a client’s location to reach more customers and offer a more personal experience.

Other profitable pet care businesses include dog walking (especially in an urban setting), pet sitting and daycare, and training services.

How much do groomers make?

A dog groomer’s salary varies depending on the grooming services they offer, the types of dogs serviced, demand and customer demographics in your area, and company-specific factors. Groomers are typically paid on commission for each pet groomed, along with any tips.

Why Is Mobile Pet Care So Profitable?

The mobile pet care market is expected to grow to a global value of $1.2 billion by 2030! The emergence of COVID-19 increased both pet adoptions and the desire for reliable pet care services. In the first year of the pandemic, around one-third of the US population got a new dog or cat. Some of these new pets were not socialized to the extent that pets were before 2020, as people were socially distancing. Mobile pet services have offered a solution for pets who feel more comfortable in a familiar environment. Additionally, mobile services are convenient for pet owners and create a more personal service experience.

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Are Dog Daycares Profitable?

Doggy daycares are another profitable pet care business option. Pet ownership continues to increase, and owners desire a quality pet care service that not only safely supervises their pets but also exercises and mentally stimulates them. If done right, dog daycare is a demanding task. Due to the demands of the job, owners are willing to pay for their dog to have a great experience and positive care.

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