Tanya lee franchised an own a woofies company

Congratulations: Tanya Lee Franchise Owner of the Year

Starting your own business is scary, that’s why many people choose franchises. Franchising gives you the benefits of owning your own business with a support system to back you up. Tanya Lee is the first franchise owner of Woofie’s when it started franchising in 2019. In the last 4 years, she has risen to become one of Woofie’s most successful owners and crushed all milestones and goals as the first franchise owner.

Amy Addington, Co-Founder of Woofie’s, said that when she created the franchise business model, she wanted someone to share her passion, vision, and values of the company. When she met Tanya Lee, she knew she would be the purr-fect founding franchisee.

Tanya Lee has built an amazing Woofie’s in Reston-Herndon and while both getting the award of Franchise Owner of the year, she also was inducted as a member of the Goldendoodle Club which represents owners who revenue milestones. We are so proud of this accomplishment!

As an avid dog and pet lover, she enjoys interacting with the clients and customers of her business. She chose Woofie’s because of our proven business model, procedures, and tool kit.

We are so excited to see what Tanya Lee accomplishes in the future! Learn more about our franchising opportunities!

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