Celebrating diversity in franchising a pet grooming service company

Woofie’s Celebrates Diversity in Franchising

Franchising has been built on community, education, relationships, and opportunities. In many cases, going into franchising requires little to no experience and can open an endless number of possibilities. Over the past years, the US Census Bureau has stated that there is more minority ownership among franchised businesses than non-franchised businesses.

Over 30.8% of franchises are owned by minorities compared to their counterpart of only 18.8%. Minority ownership of franchises increased by 50% over the most recent study.

WPV Celebrates Diversity in Franchising
WPV Celebrates Diversity in Franchising

Woofie’s is committed to celebrating and promoting diversity in franchising. Woofie’s is a part of the IFA DiversityFran program that promotes franchise education and research. It helps to increase diversity in franchising while educating those about diversity in franchising. The DiversityFran discount provides $5,000 off the initial franchise fee to any minority or women-owned franchise. Through this Woofie’s hopes to promote diversity and inclusion not only in franchising but in the pet industry as well.

Woofie’s has been nationally ranked as a top franchise for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion from Entrepreneur and strives to promote it throughout the company and franchise ownership.

To learn more about how Woofies celebrates diversity in franchising, click here


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