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Woofie’s Pet Care Franchise Opportunity Deserves Applause

Nearly one-quarter of Millennial and Gen Z pet parents are choosing to delay having children and are choosing to bring home pets instead. As these generations have become the largest consumer group, they now account for 62% of all pet owners, and are causing a shift in consumer preferences for the pet industry. 

Younger generations of consumers are:

  • Looking to spend more on their pets than their “firstborns”
  • Searching for digital solutions that integrate technology into pet care products in innovative new ways

If you’re looking to pursue your passion and have an innate desire to go above and beyond for clients and their pets, Woofie’s pet care franchise could be a great opportunity for you! We’re compassionate about animal welfare and have an excellent franchise opportunity to break into the billion-dollar pet care industry.

What Is Woofie’s Academy?

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure franchisee success, Woofie’s provides exemplary training and continuous support as part of our proven process. Woofie’s Academy is an extension of our franchise opportunity, where we train aspiring pet groomers to provide high-quality services. 

Woofie’s Academy features an accelerated training program that was developed in partnership with the Paragon School of Pet Grooming. As one of the top-rated grooming schools in the country, Paragon School of Pet Grooming helped us design our multi-level program. 

Training includes basic groomer training, advanced groomer certifications, professional development opportunities, and more. Students will learn how to professionally groom animals, adapt to a mobile environment, ensure pet safety, prioritize customer service, and exhibit professionalism. 

Additionally, our training program incorporates hands-on experience and community outreach by working with local animal rescue groups and shelters. Once groomers complete the Woofie’s Academy program, they’ll make great franchise owners.

Pawsitively the Best Pet Care Services

In addition to our Woofie’s Academy training program, we go above and beyond to provide our franchise owners with distinct industry advantages to set them up for success. We’re always looking to stay ahead of the competition, and by employing the best grooming talent and providing innovative solutions, Woofie’s is on track to become the best choice for Millennial and Gen Z pet parents and investors.

Our unique pet services franchise advantages include:

  • Multiple recurring revenue streams. Franchisees can cross-promote and sell all of our services (pet sitting, dog walking, mobile pet spa grooming, and pet transport) to their clients and bolster their overall business growth. 
  • A mobile franchise system. With a low upfront investment, franchisees can get started at a quicker pace serving more clients.
  • Integrated technologies. Woofie’s features coordinated technology through email, phone calls, texts, and GPS tracking. This keeps franchisees and their staff up to date on what’s happening in the field, supports streamlined processes, builds client trust, ensures brand loyalty, and scales operations.
  • Our loyalty program. Our Woof Pack loyalty program gives mobile pet spa members exclusive promotional upgrades, gifts, and discounts. For franchisees, this program helps them cultivate repeat clients and grow their business.

Take your drive, professional experience, and passion for pets off the leash and see if franchising with us is a good fit for you. Let us help you build your dream business the Woofie’s way! 

We’re here to answer all your questions about running a pet care business and the advantages of our Woofie’s franchise opportunity, so get in touch today!

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