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Why You Should Start Your Own Pet Care Business

The decision to venture into the pet care industry is not just a business move; it’s a commitment to community, values, and building meaningful connections. In this blog, we’ll explore why franchise owners Travis and Kristi chose Woofie’s as their partner in this journey, transitioning from a pet waste removal business to a thriving pet care franchise.

From Waste Removal to Comprehensive Pet Care:

Travis Meyerhoff and Kristi Wimmert’s journey began with a pet waste removal business. Recognizing the growing need for comprehensive pet care services, they felt the desire to expand their offerings and deepen their connection with the community.

Drawn Back to Woofie’s: A Perfect Fit:

Exploring various options, Travis and Kristi found themselves drawn back to Woofie’s. The culture, philosophy, and successful track record of Woofie’s resonated with their vision for providing top-notch pet care services with a strong emphasis on community engagement.

Established Systems for Streamlined Expansion:

Woofie’s franchise opportunity stood out with its track record of success. The established systems and processes offered a streamlined path to business expansion, which they were looking for in a pet care business.

Incentives for Business Growth:

The Woofie’s franchise model provided additional incentives for business growth. Travis and Kristi were attracted to the prospect of building upon a successful foundation, leveraging the brand’s reputation, and expanding their services with confidence. One of the key reasons for choosing Woofie’s was the shared emphasis on community engagement. This principle seamlessly aligned with Travis and Kristi’s values, especially in an industry as personal as pet care. Joining Woofie’s felt like the perfect way to give back to the community on a larger scale.


One of the most rewarding aspects of Travis and Kristi’s venture with Woofie’s is the opportunity to build strong relationships with clients and their pets. The personal touch and genuine care they provide contribute to a positive and fulfilling experience for both clients and their beloved furry companions.

Conclusion: A Fulfilling Journey with Woofie’s

Travis Meyerhoff and Kristi Wimmert’s transition from pet waste removal to Woofie’s franchise ownership exemplifies the transformative power of aligning values with a successful franchise model. With a focus on community engagement, established systems, and a commitment to building relationships, Woofie’s proves to be the perfect partner for those seeking not just a business venture but a fulfilling journey in the world of pet care.

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