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3 ways to Start a Pet Care Franchise

The year 2023 is the best time to start your own business. Franchising with an already-established company can give you both the freedom to be your own boss and be a small business owner. The benefits of being a pet care franchise owner can range from a proven system to brand recognition and support from many levels. Let’s discover how Woofie’s can help achieve your life goals while discovering how you can start your own pet care business.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Pet Care Franchise?

When you have decided you want to invest in a franchise and realized your love for pets and animals would make a great business, you have to figure out how much it costs to start. Woofie’s initial investment is anywhere between $125,319-$209,801. The cost of franchising can help mitigate unknown costs if you start yourself.

Investigate Revenue Streams

Woofie’s is the first franchise system in the $100 Billion + pet care industry to offer multiple revenue streams to its franchise owners. This includes pet sitting, dog walking, and mobile pet grooming. This combination allows potential owners like you to grow your business with recurring revenue streams. This is a high-demand, low-investment, and recession-resistant business.

Look into Support

Woofie’s separates itself from the pack and provides our franchise owners to benefit from our training and support team. Once you signed on to be a franchise owner you attend our initial training program which allows owners to go in-depth into the operations manual and a complete online tutorial. This is a two-week hands-on training program to show you how to start a pet care business and manage groomers and other key staff. Woofie’s even offers our franchise owners a pool of talented groomers from our very own Woofie’s academy which is our professional pet grooming school.

After receiving our headquartered based on the job and classroom training, a Woofie’s management team member will provide on-site assistance for you and your staff. Once your franchise is up and running, we will be there for you through remote support with ongoing guidance support and training.

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